Though you wouldn’t come to Molokai for its shopping opportunities, the fun items offered on the island are worth a look. Especially at the Coffees of Hawaii Plantation Store on Highway 480, where coffee beans grow on 600 acres of former pineapple fields. Visitors can take a walking tour and see the irrigation and fertilization systems. Then stop inside to purchase local crafts, specialty drinks, and of course, coffee beans.

Another fun shopping experience is at Purdy’s all-natural macadamia nut farm (Na Hua O’Ka Aina) on Lihi Pali Avenue . Visitors can tour the 70-year-old nut farm, learn about the nut’s growth, bearing, harvesting, and shelling process, and see entertaining demonstrations of nutshell-cracking.

Also stop by the Big Wind Kite Factory to see and purchase hand-designed kites or take a free kite-flying class. The adjacent Plantation Gallery offers local crafts, including locally made shirts, milo-wood bowls, sandblasted glassware, and Hawaiian-music CDs, in addition to Balinese crafts.

For more mainstream gifts and souvenirs, check out Molokai Surf, Molokai Island Creations, or Lourdes , all located in downtown Kaunakakai. Surf wear, T-shirts, cover up, and other casual clothes are the main offerings.

Also in downtown Kaunakakai is Kalele Bookstore & DIvine Expressions.  They have a nice selection of books, along with art, clothing and souvenirs.