Maui is an island that contains activities which an entire family can enjoy, no matter how young or how old each individual member is. Besides everything else the island has to offer, the beaches alone may be enough entertainment for visitors of all ages. While adults can sit under cabanas or attempt to achieve the perfect suntan, children can build sand castles, play with beach balls, and jump in the ocean’s waves.

Exploring the island is also a family activity. There are forests to see which contain tropical birds, waterfalls and various animals that are not normally seen on the mainland of the United States , except in zoos.

For children who are old enough, a snorkeling expedition is the perfect way to discover and watch tropical sea life and fish. And, whale-watching is another great activity for children and adults alike.

While some of the resorts and hotels on Maui cater to those who are visiting to celebrate their honeymoon, most are very accommodating to families traveling with children of all ages, and they may even provide activities and special meals that children are sure to like. The long plane ride to Maui is probably the only aspect of a trip there that children may not enjoy.