Public transportation in Maui provides service to the most popular areas of the island.   There are ten major routes which travel to the central, south, west, Haiku and upcountry areas of Maui. Busses run seven days a week including holidays.  Currently, the public bus system in Maui runs two routes with pick up or drop off of passengers at the airport for those heading to Haiku or upcountry.  The fare is $2.00 per boarding. There are also three routes that are free to passengers, those being the Kahului, Wailuku Loops and the Lahaina Village Route.  Residents of the island may purchase monthly bus passes, which offer a significant savings off pay-per-ride fares.

In addition to the bus system within the main part of Maui , there is also a rural shuttle service available which usually runs three times a week. There are also two inter-island ferry services which are privately operated. They travel between Maui and Lana’ i and Maui and Moloka’ i.

Schedules and more information about all of these transportation systems is located on the Maui County ’s Department of Transportation website.