Maui Guidebook:  is an excellent up to date guide with maps, photos and articles that cover all areas of Maui. The maps are all GPS friendly and the info is current as of 2016.

 Frommer's Maui: This takes you to their website, which has the tour book, along with the various apps available for iPhone, iPad and online. Very detailed, and it's a lot of text. If you like details, get this guide, if you like photos choose another option. Overall Frommer's is a great series, but hopefully they eventually include more photos. Photos are mostly black and white in their guides.

 Maui Trailblazer: For adventure travelers this is an all-in-one guide specializing in activities. You'll have all the directions for what to do once you get there and it also serves as a trip planning tool. Safety and money saving tips, evocative black and white photos, maps and useful organization. 

Hana Highway Mile by Mile - Originally an excerpt from the Maui Mile by Mile guidebook, this full color guidebook is the a comprehensive guide available for the Hana, South Hana, Pi‘ilani, and Kula Highways on eastern Maui.  It has detailed color maps, and includes nearly 70 featured stops. It is available in both eBook and paperback format.

Maui Mile by Mile - A new series of guides that have a very simple, but good, layout (one place, beach, etc per page). Reads more like a true guide than a book and has a photo for every stop in the book. For Maui, their guide details the three main drives of the island (most of the sights are on them) and the must see and do of the island not include on those drives. Unfortunately it doesn't cover ALL of the island. The maps in their book are good. As noted above, a new edition of the Hana Highway chapter has been published as a stand-alone guidebook. 

Maui Golf Review: This links to their digital edition. They also have a website. For golfers, this is a great resource with a map showing every course, a short review, phone, and then there are full-page detailed reviews and features as big as 16-pages. Lots of spread photos and info about golf on Maui.

Look into (desktop & mobile friendly) A travel guide for Maui's beaches, hotels & resorts, activties, restaurants, and shops.