Pros and cons of a honeymoon in Maui


The beaches are superb and there are lots of them. More along the south and west sides than the north shore. Please check a surf report if you go to a beach which does not have a life guard station. Generally, the north shore is active in the winter, south and west in the summer. Never turn your back to the ocean. 

Maui has a good mix of rural and developed areas with plenty to do, but still a sense of relative quiet in most areas.


There are certain times when Maui is busy and much more crowded. Most summer months are busy, along with most of the winter months, although late January is usually quiet. Holiday times (Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year's, spring break) can be very busy. The best time to go for a quiet, less crowded trip would be after Labor Day in September, October or early spring.

The resort areas, due to the density of housing, will be louder.

South Maui or West Maui?

West Maui has a beautiful park-like appearance that is much greener than South Maui (though it also gets a bit more rain). The coastline has a number of nice beaches, generally separated by rocky outcrops, lending a rugged and yet serene appearance to the shoreline. Ka'anapali Beach is often cited as the most beautiful beach in America. Speaking of Ka'anapali, it is where the bulk of the hotels sit in West Maui. Kaanapali is a planned resort area, with beautiful tree-lined drives, golf courses and a collection of high-rise towers spread along the shoreline. Lots of shops and restaurants and some top-end resorts lay here. West Maui also has Lahaina, which is a very fun and lively town with lots to see and do. Unfortunately, the Lahaina area is fairly congested, with truly horrid traffic during rush hour. Rush hour can be anywhere from 3pm to 6pm. It is also the furthest drive from the central valley's airport. There is an airport on the west side, serving that area with smaller airplanes. 

South Maui tends to be both sunnier and drier than West Maui with an almost arid appearance and generally longer stretches of beach. There are 2 main areas here: Kihei and Wailea. Wailea is an high-end planned resort area that is very beautiful and has every amenity you can think of, while Kihei is a less expensive typical beach town with a collection of reasonably priced condos, strip malls, fast food joints etc. Stretched along a collection of beaches (Kamaole I, Kamaole II and Kamaole III tend to be the best). Both areas generally have very reliable sunny weather and warm temps. While KIhei is admittedly pretty busy, Wailea and the Makena (which lies south of there) quiet areas with loads of generally pretty empty beaches.  

Other island areas 

Upcountry Maui starts in Pa'ia and climbs Haleakala through Makawao and Kula. There are many bed and breakfasts tucked in these communities which offer various levels of prices and amenities. These will move your time on island to being embedded in local and family-oriented areas. This is definitely an option if you don't want to be just another tourist at a big hotel. 


Create your special time away however busy you'd like it to be. Or not!

There are various water activies - boating on group outings, swimming and snorkeling in designated areas, and learning to surf, to name a few. In the winter, many people choose to go on at least one whale watch. Most hotels have activity / concierge desks to assist in your planning.

There are hiking trails, which require some research to find the trailheads. Several zip line companies located around the island offer unique views of the island's landscape and greenery. There are easy to stroll beach walks in both Ka'anapali and Wailea. There is a historical walking tour in Lahaina. 

There are movie theaters in all the main towns on island - Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului. There's the historically based, artistic presentation 'Ulalena in Lahaina if you wish to take in something different. The main entertainment and cultural theater is the Maui Arts and Cultural Center in Kahului. Check their website for more information:

Dining at various levels of excellence in complexity of preparation is easily discovered through all the users who have posted reviews on this site.

Some choose shopping as an activity, and there are several malls in the communities. The higher end stores are in Wailea and the Whaler's Village in Ka'anapali. Wal-Mart, Kmart and Costco are close to the airport for forgotten supplies. 

Whatever your level of busy-ness or laid-back requirements are, Maui can offer a large range of enjoyment. E komo mai - welcome!