Congratulations, you've decided to get married (or renew your marriage vows) on Maui. Your first question is probably, "now what ??" Here are some great resources, for a wide variety of budgets, to help plan the perfect wedding in Paradise! Hopefully, you can use these resources and have the tropical Maui Wedding of your Dreams!

Time Zone Tip -> The Hawaiian Islands are on Hawai' i Standard Time (HST). Maui is 2-hours earlier than Pacific Standard Time, and 5-hours earlier than Eastern Standard Time. However, Hawai' i does not switch to Daylight Savings Time like most of the country. So, during DST Hawaii is 3-hours earlier than Pacific time, and 6-hours earlier than Eastern time. ( Maui is 10-hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time, aka GMT or Zulu.)

Maui Wedding Planners & Coordinators

Finding a wedding coordinator is, by far, is the most important factor to planning a wedding in Maui. It's not like planning to marry locally. You need to find a coordinator that understands the vision you have for your wedding day. And, in most cases, you need to create a bond between you and your coordinator that is really an extension of you and your tastes. Most of your interaction with your coordinator takes place via email and telephone, so you need to establish a comfort level with the person you choose to help plan your wedding long distance. Most coordinators offer packages that include additional services, like photography, cakes and flowers.

Here's a list of recommended coordinators (alpha by company name) that service a variety of locations on Maui. 

Maui Officiants & Ministers

          (Alpha by last name.)

Maui Wedding Photographers & Videographers

This is probably the single-most important decision to make about your big day. You most likely will not have everyone that you wish could attend, at your island wedding, so a visual record of the big day is, in essence, a priceless memory of your wedding on Maui. There are many different photography styles that can be used...view the photographer's will give you the best sense of what your day will look like to others. Also consider what type of format and album you ultimately want...traditional 35mm and a photo album, or digital color & black/white in a coffee-table style book, or simply a series of nice photos on a CD. There are many options available.

With the proliferation of high speed internet, couples are now also able to share their Maui wedding LIVE with the ones they love not able to make it out to Maui. Whether it's a beach ceremony, at a resort, or an upcountry venue, many areas are serviced with internet signal and high quality feeds that enable loved ones at home to have viewing parties with the wedding broadcast straight on to a large screen TV. The quality has become that good. (Sevice subject to a good celluar connection at the ceremony site.)

Maui Wedding Venues

Maui is a beautiful location to get married.  Finding the right place to hold your special event is very important.  There are some elegant venues that offer the perfect setting for your ceremony and reception.

Maui Group Accommodations

Wedding Cakes

Most wedding coordinators have packages that include a small cake for celebrating after the ceremony is over, however, if you are looking for something more special, here are some local vendors to check out:

Maui Catering

Maui Limousines & Transportation

Maui Wedding Musicians

Maui Flowers

Hawai'i Marriage & Civil Union Licensensing Information

Same gender weddings are available in Hawai'i (State licensing requirements apply equally to all couples).

  • Civil Unions, a "wedding" alternative, are also avaiable in Hawai'i (for same and opposite gender couples)

  • Department of Health Civil Unions FAQ Web Page