The best nighlife spot for tourists is West End.  It's a cool little town comprised mostly of bars and restaurants that sits right on the water.  The best way to describe West End would be to call it a "Jimmy Buffet" type place complete with small, open walled bars, and local bands.  The town typically gets more crowded on weekends as the bars stay open later and more locals come out. 

On wednesday evening, head to Sundowners and have a drink while watching the sunset and participating in a game called "Chase the Ace". 

Friday and Saturday usually start at some of the smaller bars such as the Twisted Toucan and Nova.  These are cheap places to drink and have a good time. 

The new place to go is Fosters Barking Monkey.....West End....newly rebuilt.....out over the water....

As you get deeper into the night hours, check out the Crooked Palm.  This is the most "club like" of the bars playing pop, raggae, and rap.  Its not uncommon to see girls dancing on the bar as they give out free shots and bead necklaces.  On special occasions or holidays, expect a large crowd and a good time.

The nighlife is really hit or miss depending on the night and time of year as it ranges from dead to wild.