The West End is undergoing a major construction project on its streets. It has been going on for months, and it isn't scheduled for completition until Christmas, though many locales think it won't be done until February. Huge chucks of the street and torn up from storefront to storefront, making it extremely difficult to pass. Add in that is rainy season, and this means climbing over businesses' fences, skipping over cemment blocks in the muddy water, walking over wood boards, etc.

Furthermore, for those staying on the far end of street, the taxi cannot get there, so you will be carrying your bags for a good 300 meters, as of Dec 1. Construction appears to be moving more toward the center, and if it is, that distance will get much longer. And this means carrying the bags over difficult terrain, as in the wooden blanks, etc. It is a mess. For now, you are better off staying in West Bay or elsewhere. Things should be back to normal in the new year. 

JAN 2014 Update.  The West End project is complete. West End now is one long concrete street with an underground sewer system. The concrete road allows for a wonderful comfortable walk, when looking for that special restaurant, beach bar or gift shop. There is no parking on the West End road during daylight hours. Look for pay parking lots that charge about L20 ($1) per hour that off the street, and that are scattered throughout West End.