Semana Santa is a popular time to travel to Central America -to see religious ceremonies, etc.  Easter Week is also when many norteamericanos have their vacations.  Keep these two things in mind, if you are planning to go during this holiday season:

  1. Everyone with a job in Honduras takes this week off.  if not the entire week, Thursday through Sunday.  This means banks are closed Th-Su, most restaurants and other shops in the cities (except popular beach locations, like the Bay Islands, La Ceiba and Tela) are closed and abourt 360,000 Hondurans have headed for the beaches (actual number reported in the San Pedro press 2006).
  2. Blue laws go into effect Thursday through Sunday, i.e., nobeer, wine or spirits are sold during Holy Week (except popular beach locations like the Bay Islands, La Ceiba and Tela).

If your idea of fun is going to a beach with 360,000 other people and not even being able to drink a pina colada or a cold beer (except popular beach locations, like the Bay Islands, La Ceiba and Tela), have at it.  As most of Honduras and part of Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua will be traveling to those same locations, do have advance reservations.

The rainy season for the north Caribbean coast of Honduras, including the Bay Islands of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja, runs from October to February. Rainy season does mean rainy season.  It can rain for weeks on end, virtually non-stop, or  it can also be beautiful during those months but this is a rarity.  For some reason Christmas and New Years almost always seem to take a beating.

For those not interested in sharing a beach with 360,000 people the weeks before and after Easter week are great times to visit Honduras. Many tourists fly into San Pedro Sula and go to the Bay Islands ( Roatan and/or Utila) then to Copan and on to Tegucigalpa. Lake Yojoa is a great place to visit on the way from San Pedro Sula to Tegucigalpa. By bus or car, La Guama, is the gateway to lake Yojoa. The lake offers a number of tourist accommodations and attractions. Birding, boating and just plain relaxing are highlights you shoulden't miss on your visit to Honduras. Weather, its the rainy season or not, at the lake from February through September, the rains usually come in the afternoon's or evenings. The official rainy season starts around May 15 and often takes a break in August, then on through January. As they say a rainy day at the lake is better than a good day at the office.