Guatemala City never sleeps; its nightlife is very vibrant and worth exploration, though be as aware as you are awake as the capital is rather poor and quite crime-ridden.

Start your search in the Zona Viva--the Viva really begins at sunset, after the businesses of this district close.

The Kalhua Club and surrounding restaurants provides a wonderful taste of Central America for the newcomer to the region.  It is a two-storey entertainment center that holds up to thousands of people, providing them with live music and more.

Agavero is a bar with a staff of twelve musicians that do a continuous, all-night show.  Enjoy beverages and the performances of some of the nation’s best artists.

The Tre-Fratelli Zona Viva, an Italian Restaurant, also contributes to the city’s nightlife, and the homesick misogynist can frequent Hooters, which is a popular hangout in the city.