In Belize, it is very easy to find taxis to get from location to location. Travelers will see many taxis in the Tourism Village as well as at hotels. However, travelers should note that Belize Taxis do not have meters and thus, although most drivers charge a standard fare, travelers should be sure to confirm the fare before taking the trip.

 ---Shuttles/Pre-Arranged Transportation-----

 There are a few different shuttle services that operate in Belize.  If you are simply trying to get from the airport to a hotel or the water taxi.  It might be worth it to contact one of the shuttle companies and see if you can arrange a trip into town.  They also do pickups all around the city.  


Belize Transportation Services

------------Auto Rentals-----------

There are many auto rental companies in Belize.  Prices usually start at $45us a day and go up.  Driving in Belize City can be a trick though.  There are lots of one ways and generally if you are in any sort of mishap, you as a non Belizean will usually be at fault.  Be careful.  Driving out side of Belize City is usually safe enough.

*Links* - (501) 223-1600 or Toll-Free: 0-800-777-7777 (only in Belize) - (501) 225-3019 - (501) 824 2222 - will deliver to any location (501) 223-2121

The whole country is serviced by a couple of different bus lines.  They usually run on time and they are most always full.  They are also old school buses from more developed countries.  The main lines go from the border to Belize City to Belmopan.  At Belmopan you can either head towards Dangriga with the James Bus line, or to San Ignacio, Benque Viejo del Carmen and the Guatemaln border.  If you are heading to San Ignacio you'll want to get on the bus with the Benque sign in the window as that is the last stop on the line.


----------Water Taxi------------

Water is also a popular transportation source. Water taxis and ferries that depart from the Marine Terminal to the outlying cayes, including the larger resort cayes such as Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. A trip from Belize City to San Pedro, which is the largest town on Ambergris Caye, takes around 80 minutes and costs $45 roundtrip. Again, the United States  consulate warns that these boats do not always carry sufficient safety equipment, boats can be overcrowded and may sail despite bad weather.