Aspen sports one of Colorado’s most vibrant performing arts destinations.

Perhaps the first place to start when delving into this scene is the Aspen Music Festival, a high-level training and performance ground for the world’s next generation of professional musicians, and also a premier classical music festival that presents more than 350 musical events in eight weeks and serves as a summer retreat for many of the world’s great musical practitioners. The town of Aspen is immersed in music and musicians as they prepare for an unusually rich and comprehensive menu of events, which includes symphonic and chamber music recitals, children’s workshops, and private-home musicales.

The Aspen Filmfest, taking place every late September, provides another magnet to the mountains outside the winter tourist booms.  Operating since 1979, Filmfest has been communicating culture through script and cinema, opening its doors to guests and artists as well as to 30,000 annual viewers and participants.

And last but not least, the Wheeler Opera House provides much more than just opera.  From rock singers like Sheryl Crow to stand-up from Seinfeld, Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House is a venue for all types of entertainment—it superbly complements the city’s other performance art offerings and helps to keep Aspen a Colorado cultural hub.