For all of you that are used to just hailing a cab by raising your hand, that doesn't work in Southern California.

There are only some places in Anaheim where cabs stand and wait.  If you see one driving by and wave for them to stop, they can't, it's against City Code.  You have to call from a hotel or business.  You can find Taxis in front of the Anaheim Hilton and Towers and Anaheim Marriott on Convention Way and at the Amtrak Station on Katella in the Stadium parking lot, plus many other hotels including the Disney owned ones. Also, there is a Taxi Stand that services Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on Harbor Blvd, just south of the main Pedestrian Crosswalk.  Since it is on Disneyland Resort Property, the only company that can pick you up is the local Yellow Cab, due to an exclusive contract. 

To get a cab at most of the hotels, just go to the front desk and ask them to call for one. For some of the higher rated hotels, ask the Concierge or Valet.