There are multiple commercial airports serving the Anaheim area.  The three closest and most common airports for Anaheim are:

  • Long Beach (airport code: LGB)
  • John Wayne (airport code: SNA)
  • Los Angeles International (airport code: LAX)

Additionally these two airports may be used, especially if the trip to Anaheim is part of a larger, So Cal vacation/trip.

  • Ontario International (airport code: ONT)
  • Bob Hope (airport code: BUR)

Although any of the above are viable options for transfering to/from the Anaheim/Disneyland area, Long Beach and John Wayne airports are the two closest and most convenient portals. Both are about 14 miles from the Disneyland Resort area; Long Beach is to the west; John Wayne is to the south.

Long Beach is a very small airport (only two small terminal buildings), and very laid back.  Stairs/Outdoor ramps are used to board and de-plane and the baggage claim area is outdoors.  Taxis charge a flat rate of $45 (plus tip) from the airport to the Disneyland Resort area.

John Wayne Airport (also called Orange County or Santa Ana) is a mid-sized airport. Transfer options between the airport and the Disneyland Resort include:

  • Car rental/hire
  • A Taxi to the Disneyland Resort for about $45 plus tip, one way.
  • the Disneyland Express Bus Service. 
  • Shared car service like Uber, Lyft and Wingz.

The next pair of Airports, further away than LGB or SNA, are Los Angeles International (LAX) and Ontario International (ONT).  ONT is a couple of miles closer to Disneyland than LAX, but LAX has many more airlines and flights, as well as more airport transfer options. A taxi from either airport to the Disneyland Resort area starts at $85 in light traffic, and can easily go over $100 in heavy traffic.  LAX is also served by the Disneyland Express bus service.

The farthest airport from Disneyland in Los Angeles County is Bob Hope Airport that serves Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena; if your visit is limited to Disneyland/Anaheim, it is not recommended.

 As for rental cars, both LGB and SNA offer all major rental car companies right next to the main temrinal (short walking distance), while LAX, ONT and BUR require you to go to a seperate pick up area using shuttles. 

Additional tips and suggestions:

Other than renting/hiring a car, there are five major airport transfer options between LAX and John Wayne Airport and the Anaheim  Resort area:     1.Disneyland Resort Express Bus     2. Taxi Cab     3. "Shared Vans" or "Private Vans"     4. Private Transportation  5. Shared car services

1. Disneyland Express Bus Service has a scheduled pickup from marked areas at the airport.  They don't stop at all hotels, so you may have to walk a bit if they stop at a hotel near yours. Serves John Wayne Airport/SNA and Los Angeles International/LAX. Formerly known as the Airport Bus.  The system accepts credit and debit cards, or a prepaid voucher only (No cash).  

2. Taxi Cabs are available in front of all airport terminals and do not require reservations.  It is recommended that you call a Taxi Cab company in advance to arrange for a cab to pick you up at your hotel for your return trip to the airport. Taxis are a good choice from either SNA or LGB as the fare is around $45 (not including tip).  This is a door-to-door service requiring little or no waiting, no intermediate stops and no sharing of the conveyance.  Due to the way taxi fares are calculated, Taxis are not a good choice from LAX or ONT: if the cab gets stuck in freeway traffic, additional time charges are placed on the meter. One main difference between Taxis and either the Disneyland Express Bus or "Shared Vans" is the fact that Taxis charge a rate based upon the meter (not the number of passengers) while the other main airport transfer options charge per person.

3. "Shared Vans" or "Private Vans" pick up from all airport terminals.

"Shared Vans" are shared with others and the transfer time will be longer as the van stops to pick up and drop off these other passengers between your terminal and your hotel.   The vans hold a maximum of 9 passengers and most visitors to Anaheim are either couples (2 persons) or families (4 or 5 persons).  So, the maximum number of stops that the van will make (assuming there are 4 couples aboard) would be 4.  If you're unlucky, your hotel will be the last one at which the van will stop.  If you're lucky, it will be the first one.  Your fellow passengers could be going to destinations that are near to your hotel (or not) so it's difficult to know in advance how long the transfer will take.  This service does deliver you to your hotel so there will be little walking when you arrive.  Prices range from about $10/pp to $40/pp one way and this service is available to and from all airports in Southern California.

      "Private Vans" use the same vehicles as the 'shared vans' but the van is not shared with other passengers.  This makes the transfer time is quicker (no intermediate stops).  The cost will, likely, be more expensive than buying individual 'shared van' tickets unless you are traveling with 4 or more persons. "Private Vans" pull up at the same location as the 'shared vans' but you must call the van company upon your arrival so that your 'private van' will be dispatched.

      "Shared Vans" are usually available in front of each airport terminal to take you to the Anaheim area, but you need to call in advance to make a reservation for your return trip to the airport or if you opt for a "private van" in either direction.  The top airport transfer companies are Prime Time Shuttle (, and Super Shuttle (

      4. Private Transportation is a town-car or sedan service where the driver meets you just outside of baggage claim, holding a sign with your name.  He/She is there to meet you and your party exclusively since the vehicle you'll be using will be private.  Prices range from $50 to $120.  The above van companies provide this service; plus, there are many other companies that do so.

      5. Shared Car Services are the newest option. These companies include Uber, Lyft and Wingz. Shared car services need a Smartphone application to use and you put out a "bid" saying where you are and where you want to go. You will get replies back and you choose the driver you want. The agreed upon fee is transfered directly from your credit card or PayPal account to the company; no cash exchanges hands . These vehicles are subject to the Child Safety Seat laws, and most drivers won't have them. Also some airports have restrictions and special rules in regards to Shared Ride services.

      One thing to take into consideration are the California Car/Booster Seat laws, which require most children under 8 to use one in most vehicles, including Taxi Cabs and Vans.  The Disneyland Express Airport Bus is exempt due to the size of the vehicle.  Some Shared/Private Vans and Private Transporation will offer Car Seats upon pre-arrangement (booking in advance).