Anaheim is like a lot of other American tourist destinations.  When it comes to safety, vigilance is key.  Being on vacation does not entitle anyone, especially a parent of a little one, to let his or her guard down, with that being said, some easy precautions to take will guarantee you a safe Anaheim vacation:

1.  Keep an eye on your children.  Anaheim attracts a lot of families with a lot of children.  It is extremely easy for children to become separated from their parents.  The theme parks can become extremely crowded.  75,000 plus people at Disneyland during the peak summer months is not an unusual number.

2.  Make a plan if in case you become separated from your children.  Explain to them the importance of staying together, but also come up with some kind of a plan.  When you first go to one of the parks, locate the guest relations or other related area.  Tell your children to go to that area if they become lost.  Make sure and tell them that at no time are they to exit the park with anyone other than yourselves. 

3.  Tuck your cell phone number or other emergency number into younger childrens' pants pockets.  Use a pin if necessary or even write it on the inside of their clothes with a Sharpie marker.  That way if you become separated your child will know your cell phone and/or emergency number.

4.  These rules apply to hotels as well.  Don't let your children run up to the hotel room, "just to get their favorite toy."  It is very easy for someone to see your child in a hallway and push him or her into the room.

5.  Do not leave cash in plain sight.  Major credit cards are accepted everywhere in Anaheim.  A few dollars here and there is all you will need for tips, etc.  Plus all of the theme parks offer ATM machines.

6.  Remember to lock valuables in your room safe. 

7.  Do not leave valuables in plain sight in your car.  It is extremely easy to get into most hotel parking lots at night.  An expensive video camera left out on your front seat is an invitation for a crime.   

 Common sense and a few precautions will ensure a fun (and safe) vacation.