Top 20 things to pack...especially if you are visiting Disneyland!

  1. Sun Screen
  2. Comfortable, broken-in walking shoes
  3. Sun glasses
  4. Tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure if bought in advance
  5. Reservations to the popular Disneyland restaurants (and remember what day and time you made them for.)
  6. Sun visors or hats
  7. Rain ponchos
  8. Autograph book
  9. Baggies to put camera/film/batteries in so they don't get soaked
  10. Lanyard for holding Disney tickets and fast passes
  11. Dollar bills for tipping and vending machines
  12. Quarters and pennies for penny presses and laundry machines
  13. Bottles of water
  14. Pack of glow sticks and glow necklaces
  15. Portable snack packs, fruit snacks, small packs of cookies
  16. Small first aid kit with extra band-aids
  17. Gel insoles
  18. Pack of wipes
  19. Extra batteries and extra memory card and/or DVD disc for digital and video cameras
  20. Walkie-talkies or cell phones
** Note:  The original information for this thread came from the following forum thread: