Taking children to Disneyland is a no-brainer!  Most people entering the gates are there in the company of at least one child.  But traveling with a baby is an entirely different matter.  Here are some tips on making the trip easier on all of you.

First, you need to decide if taking the baby is what you want to do.  This is an entirely personal decision, but it is not as bad as it might sound.  Babies are happiest when with their parents, when they eat and sleep on time and when they are comfortable.  All of those can easily be accomplished at Disney. 

If your baby is young (under a year) take your own stroller.  They will be most comfortable in that, and the ones rented from Disney ($15 a day) do not recline.  A baby that cannot sit up for long periods of time will be uncomfortable in the rental strollers.  Also, with your own, you can prestock it with all the things you will need for a day in the park: diapers, extra clothes, wipes, jackets, blankets, snacks, bottles, etc. Bringing your own stroller, or buying a cheap stroller at Wal-Mart or Target in Anaheim will save you money, and will allow you to use the stroller outside the parks, such as going to and from the parks. Also some companies, like City Stroller offer off-property rentals, that willyou to use them in Downtoen Disney, the walk to/from your Hotel and at other venues and attractions.

There is a dedicated baby care center at the end of Main Street, to the right of the Hub while facing the castle.  It has nice, clean changing tables, high chairs, little cubicles so you can nurse your baby discreetly, high chairs and little potties for those in training.  They also sell diapers, wipes, baby food and formula for emergencies.  Great place to get your little one out of the heat (or cold!) and take a quiet break.  The staff is very friendly and almost like Mary Poppins scuttling about!  They also have one in California Adventure, next to First Aid in the Pacific Wharf area.  Almost all bathrooms (Men and Women's) have diaper changing facilities, too, and there are some family restrooms that allow a parent (either mom or dad) to take a child in to use the toilet or change a diaper.

There is also something known as "Rider Switch".   On certain rides with a line, you can see the cast member in charge as you enter.  Tell them that you have a baby, but wish to ride.  They will allow some of your party to enter, while one person stays with the baby.  After the first group finishes, the baby-holder will be allowed access to the front of the line with one other person so they can ride, too.  Great way for everyone to ride the fast rides without having to wait in the line twice.  The "Rider Switch" can be used at any time, so you can even bring the pass back later and use it if you cannot do it right then. Here is a list of the rides that have  Rider Switch option.


A great little place to know about is the play area in Toontown in Disneyland.  It is to the left after you enter, right near Donald's boat.  You can take young ones in there to run around, climb on things and play on the slide.  They can also explore Goofy's house, although it is not the bounce house where it used to be.  You can take babies in there to let them crawl around (under supervision) and have a cool place to take a break.  Be advised that strollers are not allowed.

There are also some quiet corners that are great places to go with a coke so a parent take a break while the baby is sleeping in the stroller.  The first is to the right as you are passing the Matterhorn on your way to Small World.  It used to be a landing for a boat ride, but now is just a little spot over the water with tables and benches.  You can go all the way to the end and have a quiet spot for a napping little one.  Big Thunder Ranch has some benches and few people actually make it out there, so it is peaceful.  It is on the back side of Big Thunder Mountain RR (roller coaster) between Frontierland and Fantasyland.  You can also nab a table near the French Market restaurant in New Orleans Square.  Try to get one to the left of the entrance door, since you will be farther away from the jazz band, should it start playing.  No need to have the baby awaken!

Another tip is to take a break in the afternoon by going back to your hotel.  It benefits everyone to have a little breather from the parks and take a nap or a swim and then come back refreshed for an evening of fun.