The area which we know today as Wisconsin has been a home to people for thousands of years.  The first people who lived in the area were the Paleo Indians, which occurred around the 10th Century B.C.

            Various other Indian tribes came and went throughout the thousands of years that followed.

            It was a French explorer by the name of Jean Nicolet who was the first European to set foot on Wisconsin in the 1630’s.   His came by canoe from Canada, and paddled across Lake Huron, Lake Superior and then Lake Michigan to finaly land on the soil of present day Gren Bay.

            The French decided to create colonies on Wisconsin based only on the fur trade (unlike the British who also dealt with agriculture).   The first French settlement was created on the land of Green Bay in the year of 1634. 

            More settlements were created by the French over the years, but none were perminant.   The only purpose of these settlements was for lodging during the fur trade. 

             In 1763, the British gained control of the Wisconsin area as a result of the French and Indian War.   

             The United States gained control of Wisconsin as a result of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

             Wisconsin became the 30th state of the United States of America on May 29, 1848.