Longest Continuous Escalator:  Wheaton (Red Line) - 230 feet long.  Woodley Park-Zoo (Red Line) is deeper (154' vs. 140') but vertical access consists of two escalators, the longest of which is 204'.   Second longest escalator is Bethesda (Red Line) at 213'10".  Third longest is Woodley Park-Zoo at 204', and fourth longest is Medical Center (Red Line) at 202'6".  Rosslyn (Blue/Orange) ranks a paltry fifth, with an escalator of only 194'8" in length and Dupont Circle's northern entrance is in sixth place at 188'10".  For the trivia-minded, the escalators travel at 90 feet per minute and transport you at a 30-degree angle.

For those of you whose health club memberships have lapsed and are looking for a free workout, the Wheaton station has the greatest number of stairs from station to surface, with 367 steps.  Bethesda comes in second place with 351, although the Bethesda staircase claimed one heart attack victim last year when the escalators were out of service.  Woodley Park has 342 stairs, and Medical Center is right behind in fourth place with 340 steps.  Rosslyn has 328 steps, and Dupont Circle comes in sixth again with 319.

Although Wheaton may appear to be the deepest station, Forest Glen (Red Line) is actually deeper - 196 feet from station entrance to top of rail (vs. Wheaton's 140' depth).  It's so deep that Metro uses only elevators for vertical access between the mezzanine and the station platform, so there are no escalators or stairs for general access (although there are stairs in an emergency exit but this Local Expert hasn't been able to get inside to count those yet).