Whether your tastes are Nashville music, NFL football or just simply the King of Rock and Roll, Tennessee offers a little something for everyone. The home to Elvis Presley and numerous great outdoor activities from NASCAR to horseback riding, the state of Tennessee makes for an inviting destination.

The State of Tennessee's Department of Tourist Development Web site offers information on sports and activities throughout the state, as well as suggested travel itineraries. The site divides the state into three sections, with Eastern, Central and Western regions to make your trip planning even easier. Information on the states six major airports, locations of alternative fuel gasoline stations and updated road conditions for drivers and other facts are provides provided to visitors.

A calendar of events that includes festivals and other seasonal attractions is provided to better help you decide when is the right time to head to Tennessee.

For more information write to the Stat of Tennessee’s Department of Tourist Development c/o Wm. Snodgrass/Tennessee Tower, 312 8th Avenue North, 25th Floor, Nashville, TN 37243