This is the huge radio telescope featured in the Jody Foster movie, "Contact".  It lies on the Plains of Saint Augustine about 45 min. West of Socorro, NM.  The telescope consists of 27 huge steerable dish antennae arranged in a "Y". Each arm of the "Y" is 13 miles long and consists of 9 antennae. These are moved by a transporter on rails to change the configuration. The Array is used to study the electromagnaetic emissions of stars and galaxies at various radio frequencies.  The site includes a small museum and a short film which explains the technology and the science involved.  There is a self directed walking tour that provides a good overview of the site and a close up look at one of the antennae. A must for the science/technology fan of any age with something for everyone from grade school to graduate school.

 In summer, a hat and sunscreen are advised. Also, be aware that rattlesnakes may be in the area.