The weather and climate across the state of New Hampshire is not very consistent, as it changes often in different regions.  General trends over the entire state include short and warm summers, with long and cold winters. 

            The Merrimack Valley Region (found at the central southern portion of the state), which surrounds the state capital of Concord, experiences four distinct seasons.  The warmest months of the year are July and August, during which time the daily high temperatures will reach into the mid 80’s, with extremely hot days reaching the 90’s.  The summer season is short, and fall weather quickly follows.  Fall is perhaps the best time to visit the area because the changing colors of the foliage are absolutely beautiful.  Visit the Trip Advisor Concord Page for more information about this particular location.  

            Moving further north to the White Mountains Region, weather gets noticeably colder.   The warmer summer months of July and August will only see average daytime highs in the upper 70’s.  From November until February, on average the temperature never rises above freezing.  The months of May and September experience cool temperatures that can be quite comfortable.  Precipitation throughout this region is fairly consistent, with snow or rain always being a possibility. 

             Portsmouth is in the heart of the seacoast region.  Summers are short and generally cool, due to ocean effect breezes.  While very occasionally it might hit 90 degrees, generally, daytime temperatures are in the high 70's-low 80's.  Evenings can be cool, especially on the beaches, so have a sweatshirt handy.  Fall is probably one of the nicest seasons and fall foliage tours of the seacoast region are becoming as popular as viewing the colors in the mountains.  The peak color season is later than further inland or up north.  By the third week of October, you are seeing colors at their best.  Winters are cold, damp, and unpredictable.  Ice and freezing rain are common compared to heavy snow inland, but that doesn't mean the seacoast doesn't get heavy snow.  A good old fashioned N'or easter can dump more than a foot of snow on the coast.  Spring isn't very pleasant.  April can be cold and rainy.  Early May can be the same.  By Memorial Day, temps. start to climb, but don't be surprised if you spend your Memorial Day picnic with a sweatshirt on.