There is plenty of information about Nevada available online, and should be looked at by those planning a trip to this state. 

            A good place to begin doing some research is on the Nevada Commission on Tourism Webpage .  This site has useful information for both the first time traveler to the state, as well as returning visitors.  The “Planning” link at the top of the main page is perhaps the most valuable tool.  Here, one will find information about the various options for getting to Nevada, the numerous territories within the state, useful maps, and destination services.  The “Activities” link provides some great ideas about what to do once in the state, and the “Nevada Facts” link provides useful tidbits about the state that you may not have know. 

            The best way to get to know a new area is by studying its geography.  Make sure to check out a Map of Nevada before leaving on a trip.

            The Nevada State Government Page is a good place to look for government related issues such as legislature, education, public safety, transportation and social services. 

            Many travelers plan trips to Nevada for the sole purpose of going to Las Vegas, but there is so much more to see.  Make sure to explore the “Other Destinations” of Nevada on the Trip Advisor Nevada page (on the bottom right hand of the screen).