Nevada officially became a part of the United States in 1848 when it was taken from Mexico, who had claimed it as part of its territories in the 1820s.

            The name “Nevada” is a word that in Spanish means “snow-capped’.

            On October 31st 1864, Nevada officially became a state of the US.

            The population of the state began quickly growing because of the discovery of gold at the Comstock Lode .   Thousands of people came to the area, but in the 1880’s the gold began to run scarce.   Many of the people who had come to Nevada because of their gold fever began leaving, and the state population began declining.   
            More mine discoveries around the state, rich in gold, silver and copper once again brought an influx of people into Nevada . This population boom lasted into the beginning of the 1920’s.
            Gambling, an issue that has made Nevada famous around the world was legalized first in 1931.   Once again the population of the state grew.   Since then, it has continued to grow every decade.

            Ten years later, the first strip hotel (El Rancho Vegas) and the first downtown casino (El Cortez Hotel) were opened in Las Vegas.  In 1975 the Nevada gaming industry revenue reached the one billion dollar mark.  Gaming in the state has never looked back. 

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