The Heartland Trail is a flat ashpalt trail from Park Rapids to Cass Lake (49 miles).  It is one of Minnesota's nicest and it is located in lake country.   The segment from Park Rapids to Walker is great for families because you can ride 5 or 6 miles to the next town and most towns have a playground or beach to stop and have a picnic.  This section (28 miles) also has the most traffic.  The segment from Walker to Cass Lake parallells Highway 371.  From Cass Lake to Walker, it is very common to see less than 10 riders.  There also are not any places to stop between Cass Lake and Walker. 

Walker and Park Rapids will have the most lodging availability for riders but there are also many resorts on lakes that riders could stay.  Also, there is some camping available. 

The Heartland Trail connects with the Migizi Trail in the Chippewa National Forest (15 miles) and also with the Paul Bunyan Trail (120 miles) west of Walker.  Therefore in this area, a person can ride for 185 miles on asphalt trails.