If you want to get that "World Away Feeling" without really leaving the country, then drive up  Interstate 35 to the Northshore and  behold the beauty of Great Lake Superior. Duluth, Mn just 3 hours from the Twin Cities begins the adventure and then conutine along scenic highway 61 that winds around the Northshore. Lake Superior is where the blue sky meets the blue water and it goes for miles.

Visitor's Guide to the North Shore

Great Lake Superior  Facts about the Great Lake- such as its the largest FRESH water lake in the world. Its the deepest Great Lake and the coldest. It is well nown for the song Gordon Lightfoot sung "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." about the ship  Edmund Fitzgerald who went down in a firece November Gale 1975 

Circle Tour Around Lake Superior  Ever thought about driving around Lake Superior...Check out the route here.

Great Lake Shipwrecks Find out additional information on the Edmund Fitzgerald or other ships who have been lost on the Lake.


Things To Do on the North Shore of Lake Superior

North Shore State Parks Photos

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Split Rock Lighthouse - The tour is informative. Split Rock Lighthouse Photo

View from the Split Rock Lighthouse 

Gooseberry Falls

Tofte/Lutsen- 4 hours from TC

 Places to Stay Chateau Leveaux    Chateau Leveaux Lodging Photos

                                  Bluefin Bay

Grand Marais- 5 Hours from TC Check out the link for tourist infomation.

Grand Marais Photo

Dining in Grand Marais

Things to do- Grand Marais Community Theater 

Grand Portage

Isle Royle