Most areas throughout Maryland can be visited year round, as the climate is not extreme on either side of the spectrum.  However, certain areas can be more comfortable during certain seasons than others.  Visit the Maryland State Climatologist Office website for detailed information.

            The southeastern region of the state around Ocean City is much warmer throughout the year than other areas.  The warmest months of the year in this region are July and August, during which time the daily high temperatures will hover around the mid 80’s.  Days in the 90’s do occur, but are not typical.  This region’s coldest months are December and January.  Although the nighttime temperatures will dip below freezing quite often, the days are rather mild with temperatures in the mid 40’s.  Check out the Trip Advisor Ocean City Page for more information on this particular location.   

            The northwestern area of the state around the city of Frederick experienced distinct seasons.  The summer months will bring hot temperatures, while the winter months will bring cold weather with occasional snow storms.  Precipitation rates throughout the year are fairly consistent, with rain or snow always being a possibility.  Check out the Trip Advisor Frederick Page for more information on this specific location.

            For detailed weather information about most major cities and towns in the state, visit the Weather Channel website.