Following the American Civil War the northern townships were made available to American settlers. This was in part to protect the northern border of Maine and to establish permanent settlements, following the boundary disputes with Canadian New Brunswick. Among these colonies was a group of Swedish settlers, who founded what has become known as New Sweden. Visitors will discover a variety of historic buildings, including a two-story log home and facilities including a blacksmith shop.

For more information write to the society at: Maine's Swedish Colony, Inc., Capitol Hill Rd., New Sweden, ME 04762

The Waponahki Museum and Resource Center at Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation remains dedicated to the preservation of the tribe’s language, history and culture. Numerous exhibits offer looks at their tools, beaded artifacts and other objects.

The state capital of Augusta is home to the Maine Military Historical Society Museum , which continues to offer information on the history and traditions of the military of Maine. The museum is home to numerous collections of items, dating back from the American Revolution to the current war in the gulf. Notable items include those from the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg, where volunteers from Maine fought with great determination and bravery.