Kentucky Weather

In General 

Talking about Kentucky weather is a challenge. Most Kentuckians will tell you that if you don't like our weather, wait five minutes, it will change. With the exception of summer, weather conditions are unpredictable and can vary from one part of the state to another. Summers tend to be humid, sunny, and warm. Daytime highs often pass 90 F. and can exceed 100 F.  Winter is rarely harsh, but there is a tendency toward ice storms during January and February that sometimes makes winter driving conditions dangerous.

Regional Differences

Kentucky is a state of regional landscapes, Central Kentucky is known worldwide for its limestone rich bluegrass and race horses, but the Western Kentucky coal fields and Eastern Kentucky mountains are vastly different in culture and climate. 

Best time to Visit Kentucky 

Spring and fall are excellent times to visit Kentucky. Cool nights and moderate days are perfect for exploring the wilderness or visiting one of Kentucky's many historic sites.