Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through… just an old sweet song. Settled as a buffer from French, Spanish and Indian attacks for the Carolina colonies in the early 18 th century.
But the area’s first settlers actually arrived almost 11,000 years earlier during the Paleolithic era. Eventually the area was the home of the Mississippian civilization, which was one of great mount builders. The actual name of this tribe is actually lost to time however, but following their decline the area of modern day Georgia was home to the Greek and Cherokee tribes.

Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to discover this land in the early 16th century, including Ponce de Leon during his trips up the Florida peninsula. And about 100 years later the area was used as a buffer for the English colonies and named in honor of King George of England. Georgia was at the center of the American Revolution and was the location of England’s “Southern Strategy” to maintain control of those colonies with heavy Loyalist populations. The state was the center of several battles, and underground resistance during the revolution.

Less than a half century later the state was at the center of another conflict, this time between the settlers and the Native American tribes. And in the 1860s during the American Civil War Georgia was against thrust into a great war, including the epic burning of Atlanta, which was recreated in the film “Gone With the Wind.”

Following the Civil War Georgia rebounded and prospered over the next century and a half. Today is a state with a mix of big cities, small towns and plenty of rural plantations to visit.


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