Wilmington, Delaware, although a relatively small city, has the advantages of many cultures of people inhabiting the city.  From the Germans, Italians, Polish and Irish to the Puerto Ricans, Africans and Greeks, each culture exposes thier heritage by means of large celebrations, festival and parades that equal those large cities.  The city is for the most part an undiscovered cultural gem, with beautiful large colonial mansions adorning its parkways, fabulous upscale and affordable restaurants and clubs.  The city life in Wilmington is on the rebound.  Many former run down and vacant areas are being revitalized by restoration and rebuilding!  Like all cities it is a work in progress.  It is definitly something exciting to be a part of and a visit, short or long, would only prove the fact.  

If you have time also pay a visit to Newark, Delaware.  Newark is proudly home to the University of  Delaware.  The city of Newark is home to over 30,000 residents with the University of Delaware adding an additional 22,000.  Newark is known for its Main Street full of a mix of mom and pop shops and trendy boutiques.  A tour of the University is well worth your time.  The architecture of its widespread campus is breathtaking.  The gardens and landscaping is astounding and the spirit of the student body is immense.  From its 6 time national champion football team to its award winning marching band, the University of Delaware is one of our nations best valued institutions of higher learning!  Take a moment and see what it means to be a Blue Hen!