The California Zephyr is a train journey from San Francisco, California to Chicago and back. It is said that is the most scenic route in the USA. 


- It varies between days; how early it's booked and the sleeping arrangements. Economy will always be cheaper than a sleeper.

Best time of the year to go:

-Depends on what one wants to see. Summer is phenomenal for the sun, early morning light and late nights; Fall is stunning for the brown shades of color that paint the scenery it's seen; the leafs changing, the harvest, the early sundowns...Winter is beautiful with the snowy mountains, the cold clouds visible in the sky, the fields all covered in white and Spring brings in its own joy with the birds flying, the flowers blooming and nature waking up from the cold months.

Sleeping arrangements: coach or sleeping cars

Advantages of coach:

-Great views from the windows on both sides of the train all the time

-Company of other travellers

-At night the lights are deemed so one can sleep.

-Sense of adventure


-No shower

-No blanket provided, only pillow

-Purchase food which unless one buys snacks like pizza, noodles and/or sandwiches on the snack bar, the restaurant is expensive.

Advantages of a sleeping car:



-All meals included



-Not half as much fun as coach

-Restrictive views

The best thing in the train however is the sightseeing lounge. The views are unparallel. Coach is closer to the sightseeing lounge than the sleeping cars so it's important to keep that in mind trying to take the best pictures.

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