When is the best time to journey to Alaska??  Many residents will tell you winter is their favorite time - which is a good thing, as they have months of it!  :)  Note this is for the Interior region (there are many parts of Alaska that vary quite dramatically) and the Interior's summer is short and intense.   

A great time to visit the Interior is the middle of June to middle of July - this is one of the most beautiful times up there - everything has greened up, the flowers are blooming, baby animals are running around, the sunlight is at its peak - it's also usually sunny and warm.   It's almost too good to be true and you will love every minute of it.  It does also happen to be very busy as far as tourism goes - so plan accordingly and book way in advance.

The other time is the Fall season - which is very brief but oh so beautiful!  It usually is beginning the end of August, and by middle of September it's pretty much over - at least in the Interior region.  The leaf trees are all golden with a hint of orange and the tundra is this amazing spread of reds, oranges, gold’s - it's just incredibly beautiful then.  By then, the animals are sporting their winter coats, the moose are in rut, and the birds are beginning to head south by the hundreds.  This is generally a less busy time for tourists, so that is a plus, compared to some of the really busy times of the season.  But the weather is cooler and if you push too far into September, you will get to experience the beginnings of snow at the higher elevations.

Of course, you can come to Alaska anytime, but these are a couple of favorites - maybe you will find the one that best suits you.