There are a few secrets that Alaska travelers have discovered to save money on a trip to the 49th state. offers lots of expert advice from locals for planning your trip. Their Alaska on a budget page lists the most popular activities, what you should normally budget for each, and ways to save money on each activity.  

The  Alaska TourSaver®  is a coupon book that is a good option if you are willing to be flexible about which tours you do and when. The TourSaver coupons are now available as a smartphone app as well. TourSaver App website. There are some simple steps successful travelers take to make the most from the TourSaver® book, including:

a. Order the book in advance. Then when you get it, you can sit down and plan your trip around the many 2-for-1 offers in the book.
b. Book direct. On each of the coupons is a special reservations number, websites and the name of the individual who authorized the special 2-for-1 offer.
c. Be flexible. If you have a couple of days that you can choose from, you will have a better chance of locking in that special deal on lodging or activities. - a premium source and official site for State of Alaska Travel and Vacation Information, posts Alaska Travel Specials on their website. These special deals range from adventure travel to train trips, lodging and fishing trips around the state. There are many opportunities for saving listed. also has an entire page devoted to travel deals in Alaska. is a subsidiary of the Anchorage Daliy News.

The internet is a great source for Alaska travel deals in general and the vigilant travel planner will find that Alaska is not as expensive as it may seem.