Turaida Medieval Castle was built in 1214 according to the Bishop Albert’s directive. Gradual expansion and building continued until the 16TH century. The castle was one of the Riga Archbishops’ residencies. After the collapse of Livonia states, Turaida castle became a private property and a part of the manor. After the fire in 1776, it was not renovated but the manor owners’ living house was built in the castle yard. Romantic castle ruins attracted the tourists’ attention already in the 18TH/19TH century. The sight area in the big round tower was built in 1936 but its restoration was started in 1953. 1973 was the start time for archeological excavations that lasted for more than 25 years followed up by restoration and reconstruction. Nowadays the expositions about its history and epoch events are located in the castle halls. 

Turaida Medieval castle is part of Turaida Museum Reserve.  Enjoy amazing view from main wachtower down to primeval valley of River Gauja, Dainu Hill with sculptures and Gauja National Park. In the territory is one of the oldest wooden churches in Latvia, built in 1750. Memorial grave place for Rose of Turaida. Legend tells about joung girl who secrified with her life in the name of love. Some 800 m down the main road is located Gutmana Cave - famous with inscriptions on the walls. 

Information about Turaida can find on www.tourism.sigulda.lv 

  View from Turaida watch towerTuraida castle