Travelers interested in the Riga’s history ( ) and culture ( ) are likely to enjoy exploring the area’s many museums and historic sites.  One of the most popular museums in Riga is the Museum of the Occupation in Riga ( ) which is an educational exploration of the influence of Nazi and Soviet control of the area.  Travelers who enjoy that museum may also be interested in supplementing the information gained there with a trip to Riga’s Jewish Museum ( ).

Travelers who are interested in experiencing a museum which is a bit less intense and more on the light-hearted side of things should head to the Open Air Museum ( ) just outside of Riga.  This is a peaceful outdoor museum where travelers can experience a rich portion of the history of the area while also enjoying the nature surrounding the museum.  An entire day can spent exploring this historic area, and there are restaurants and bars on site to make sure that travelers who forget picnic lunches do not have to leave early.

Another fun museum in Riga is the Latvian Motor Museum which features civilian cars created in Riga and the surrounding area as well as luxury cars driven by famous people from Riga.   More information about that museum is available at .   Additional information about other Riga museums can be learned at .