If you want to throw in shopping while in Riga...


There are plenty of great stores. You just need to know where to look!

Here is a selection of trendy and classic stores an average wallet would allow purchases from! This will hopefully keep you from wasting time in too expensive and no-good shops when going to Riga to do some shopping! 


  • New Yorker - It offers clothing for both women and men, and a lot of trendy bargains can be found here for a nice price. Would compare it to Zara or H&M, only it offers less classic wear and more clothing with prints. The biggest store is in the Old town with three floors.
    - Spice Center + Old town -
  • Pull And Bear - A very trendy shop where you will find a great selection of clothing both for men and women. Its clothing is something between cute and gothic - don't let this word scare you as the latter is only the finishing touch for a selected items, done very tastefully.
    - Spice Center -


  • Re-Reserved - If classic cuts are what you are looking for this is the place to go. They keep up with the trends so this is also a good place to find a classic item to make an already trendy outfit more neat-looking.
    - Almost every center -
  • Monton - Another shop offering classic cuts, but they include a great variety of bright in style at the moment colors. Their accessory selection is also good. Clothing for both men and women.
    - Almost every center -  
  • House - A funky store offering clothing for men and women who prefer hoodies, denim and baggy jeans instead of smart blouses, clean cuts and cute dresses.
    - Spice Center -



Mols - travel by tram 7 and 3. 
Did not list anything from this center as this is supposed to be like an American mall, so most of these shops are well known to many visitors; Espirit, Lindex, Bik Bok, Vero Moda. Still, there were a lot of smaller stores offering a good selection of trendy and fashionable items!

Spice Center - travel by taxi, about 12 min from the city.
This was a great center for clothing (and also home decòr!). A visit is recommended to most clothing shops in this center!

The Alfa center was recommended to be as good as Spice, and you could go there by tram if you're traveling from the city.


The prices are 10-40% cheaper than in Norway, but even though Riga is not the cheapest in shopping you get quality clothing as well as a great selection in almost all stores!

If design is what you want then there are a lot of design shops (Dior, Versace, etc.) in the old town, the street A. Caka as well as the centre near the old town; GC.

When it came to shoes the style was very different from the rest of the European style so not a lot might be found appealing, except for shoes found in designer stores costing $200 or more.