By plane:  Visitors interested in reaching Riga by airplane will be flying in to the Riga International Airport (  This airport is served by a number of major airlines including Air Baltic, British Airways and Finnair.  There are direct flights to several major European world cities, including Berlin, Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm.  Visitors coming from the United States, Australia or anywhere in Asia will come through connecting flights in these cities.

The airport is located just west of downtown Riga.   Upon arrival at the airport, many travelers choose to take the city bus to their hotels.   Bus 22 goes to downtown Riga (not into the Old Town) and Bus 22a goes to a number of the local hotels.   The busses run from five thirty in the morning until ten thirty at night, approximately every twenty minutes, and they take approximately half an hour to go from the airport to the hotels.   Visitors can also opt to take taxis from the airport.

Tariffs from Airport to City Centre:  Bus 2 Eur  Taxi 12-15 Eur

By ferry:  Ferries travel to Riga from both Sweden and Germany so travelers interested in ferrying will be going through one of those locations. Tallink has daily departure from Stockholm to Riga all year round.

By bus:  The bus is an efficient method of getting to Riga, especially for travelers who are visiting a number of European destinations.  Buses come in to the area from Poland, German, Denmark, France and a number of other locations.  The bus is generally preferred by travelers who are on a budget.

If you are flying out of Riga Airport on Ryan Air go much earlier than your flight.  The airport is very chaotic and the lines are very long, whether you have checked luggage or carry on.  If you are an citizen of United States and need your boarding pass stamped by Ryan Air, you will stand in the same reservation line.