Travelers who prefer warm weather will want to make sure that a Riga trip is planned for the summer, as Riga is a relatively cold location throughout much of the year.  Average summer high temperatures are in the low seventies during even the hottest months of the year.  This can be ideal for summer travelers from warmer places who want to get away from the heat at home.  Summer low temperatures are generally in the mid-fifties, making the evenings in Riga cool but not uncomfortable.

Winter temperatures can be quite cold. Even though the average low temperature in the coldest months is in the twenties and the averagehigh being about ten degrees warmer than that,  one should be aware that winters can be bitterly cold with daytime temperatures as low as -25F. The coldest months are December through February, with the months before and after those being considerably warmer. The winter also tends to be dreary with very little sunshine for months.

The winter months are the months less likely to see rain, although there are generally at least five inches of rain in even the driest months of the year.  The rainy season begins in April and continues on steadily through October.  That is the month most likely to see a lot of rain, with eleven inches being the average for October rainfall.  Updated weather information for Riga is available at or