The coast around Jurmala on the Gulf of Riga is lovely, powder sand beaches. Take a suburban train from Riga to Majori. It takes about 30 minutes each way. Destination from Riga is marked as Tukums 1 or 2, Sloka, or Dubulti. They seem to run from tracks 3 and 4. Try not to leave boarding until the last minute if you want to be sure of getting a seat on summer weekends!

At Majori there is a pedestrianised road (Jomas ilea). Lots of restaurants, but relaxed and low key. It is nice to have a walk on the beach and follow it with a relaxing lunch. Or take a picnic for the beach.

The train ticket was LVL1.85 for a return (ask for 'return, same day'). Tickets for this branch line are sold from ticket windows 7-11. The agent will tell you which track you must go to.