The city center of Vilnius isn’t that large, but there are options that will get you the city with ease. The official Public Transportation Web site offers timetables and fare information in English. The city of Vilnius is served by bus and trolleys through the city center and to nearby outlaying areas. The buses can be very crowded during the morning and evening rush hours. In recent years the number of buses and trolleys have greatly increased and to get around Vilnius the public transportation system is ideal.

Be sure to watch your possessions on the buses and trolleys of course, and consult the maps before starting your trip. But for visitors looking to get to specific destinations the public transports are ideal and can get you very close to where you need to go.

Additionally, mini-cabs are also available and these can be flagged down anywhere on the street and are available at larger shopping locations and hotels. While a bit more expensive than the public transports these can provide let you off anywhere along their fixed route. Finally, there are also taxicabs available and these can provide door-to-door service. Be sure to agree on fare before beginning your journey.