If you’re planning on heading to Lithuania then you’re likely going to fly to get there. The drive across Russia and Lithuania can be long! So unless you have a lot of time to travel, flying is the best bet. The other option is to go by rail, and train service is also available from Warsaw and St. Petersburg as well.

The Vilnius International Airport is served by numerous major airlines with direct flights from destinations throughout Europe. Travelers coming from North America will likely have connecting flights from other cities, but there are numerous flights to Vilnius throughout the day. This moderate sized airport is serviced by Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa, Finnair and Singapore Airlines among others.

The airport was modernized following Lithuania’s independence and the new passenger departures terminal was completed in 1991. Summer is the peak time for travel through the airport, and when there are more options on the schedules. There are numerous amenities at the airport including a business lounge, some shopping and a few small cafes.

Taxicabs and buses are available at the airport, as are rental car services from several major providers as well as a couple of local Lithuanian rental car companies. These services are available near the baggage claim in the arrivals area. If you are using a taxi, be sure to use the designated cab line, as it isn’t uncommon to be offered a ride by an unlicensed driver at the Vilnius International Airport. Likewise, confirm the fare before beginning the journey.

In addition,  you can call 1410 or 1446 to pick you up at the airport. These taxis are much cheaper than the Airport taxis: 15-25 lt for a single trip versus 50 lt.

If flying to/from Kaunas (the second city) you can book seats with the airport express shuttle (timed with Ryanair flights) to take you to Vilnius for a reasonable price.