Compared to other Eastern Europe cities Vilnius is generally a safe city, and because it is a fairly compact place to visit it is hard to go too far off the beaten track and end up a bad neighborhood. The best advice is to watch your step when you’re on the go and avoid unpopulated places, especially after sundown.

The city doesn’t have the same level of crime against Western tourists as some other destinations, but is recommended that when visiting you try to do your best to blend in, and avoid displaying flashy items like expensive cameras or exposing large amounts of cash.

Likewise don’t leave expensive possessions in the hotel, and if you’re traveling with laptop computers be sure to bring along a cable lock to properly secure it when you’re gone. Items like international cellphones and laptop computers are among the most stolen items in Eastern Europe.

As with many other places in Europe it is easy enough to pay for items or meals with a credit card. Be sure to have a back up card in case your main card is lost or stolen, and make a copy of your passport and credit card information just in case.