Bratislava is a city extremely rich with history and lucky for visitors the past is preserved in the city's many museums. There are so many museums and places of interest you will most likely not have nearly enough time to visit them all. But, take a look at some of the offeringsand decide on your favorites. Please note that most museums are closed on Mondays.

The Slovak National Museum (SNM) handles the most extensive collection in the Slovak Republic. In Bratislava it provides exhibitions at several places:

 To learn abou the Jewish culture and their history in Bratislava make sure to visit the Jewish Museum of History located in an historic mansion from the 17th century (Zidovska 17)  and also Jewish Community Museum at Heydukova 11

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum  a museum of modern art located in Cunovo, on the dam of Danube river, approximately 20 km from the center of Bratislava (or 75 km from Vienna). The design of the building and park with statues surrounding it contribute to wonderful experience not only from the art and exhibitions inside, but also from views of river and views of Bratislava behind it.

Nedbalka Art Gallery, conveniently located at 19 Nedbalova St. in the centre of the city, houses the collection of modern art works created in Slovakia from the late 19th to the early 20th century. Open Tue-Sun 1pm - 7pm.

SODA gallery, located close to National Bank, in Skolska street,  is contemporary art gallery whose exhibition activities are mainly focused on the creation of a new generation of domestic but also foreign contemporary artists. Open Mo-Fri 3pm-7pm.

Slovak National Gallery - major art gallery of Slovakia - Esterhazy Palace at Námestie Ľudovíta Štúra 4. During the whole year 2014, admission to SNG is free of charge.

GMB - City Gallery of Bratislava is another major art gallery in Bratislava, with exhibition in  two buildings - Mirbach Palace at Františkánske nám. 11  and Zichy Palace at Panská 19 (where you can see and walk through fascinating Matej Kren's Passage).

Small, but interesting (and often free of charge) exhibitions of art can be found in the pavilion of  Umelecká Beseda Slovenská - Slovak Society of Artists (Dostojevskeho rad 2).

Bratislava City Museum also provides a variety of interesting exhibitions:

  •  Bratislava City Museum - the Old Town Hall, Hlavné námestie - recently reconstructed, probably the best museum in Bratislava you can visit - and visitors can even enter the balcony of the clock tower, offering amazing views.
  • Devín Castle - ruins of a castle dating back to 9th century, above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers - borough of Devín, take bus 29 or 28.
  • Museum of Arms - Michael's Tower, Michalska St. - visitors can enter the balcony of the Michael's Tower, another place with great views. The ticket allows to visit also the nearby Museum of Pharmacy - Red Crayfish Pharmacy.
  • Period Rooms Museum and  Museum of Viticulture - Apponyi Palace, Radnicna 1
  • Museum of Clocks - House at the Good Shepherd - Zidovska 1
  • Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum - his birth house, Klobucnicka 2 (ticket valid also for A. Fleischmann Museum)
  • Arthur Fleischmann Museum - gallery of known sculptor born in Bratislava, Biela 6 (ticket valid also for J.N. Hummel Museum)

Other museums of various themes include:

For a full listing of art galleries, check's guide to art galleries in Bratislava.

Another useful source of information is BKIS - Bratislava Culture Information Center

Visitors looking for authentic experience beyond standard tourist attractions can check amazing site MPBA, full of interesting suggestions. 

Note that Bratislava museums are closed on Mondays throughout the year.   

Things to do in Bratislava on Monday: 

If you happen to be in Bratislava on Monday, you wil find most of museums and galleries closed. However, there are still things you can do in Bratislava, and here are several options:


  • Bratislava Castle: although museums are closed, courtyards around the building are open, so you can enjoy views (which is the reason why most people come to the castle). Grounds of Bratislava Castle are open daily from 8am till midnight, all year round, and they offer very nice views.
  • Slavín: is in fact open all the time
  • you can of course walk around the Old Town, with lots of restaurants, cafes etc.
  • this map will show you location of passageways, where you can get from one street to another through buildings:
  • UFO observation platform - New Bridge is open also on Mondays
  • in several cases, although buildings are not open for public, you can still walk through courtyards and atriums (Primate's PalaceOld Town Hall)
  • Botanical GardenZOO are open every day
  • access to churches is even better on Monday, during weekends they have weddings etc.
  • cemeteries, gardens, parks are open
  • various cultural and sports events, cinemas, theatres (
  • shopping centers are open daily (even on Sunday) 10am-9pm, some of them (Eurovea, Aupark) host multiplex cinemas  etc.