Bratislava has four distinct seasons, which occur just like they were taught in the textbooks: summer is hot, autumn (fall) is beautiful with the foliage colors, winter is full of snow and spring comes bearing flowers.

The summer has average temperatures in the 80s and is the tourist high season. It is also full of festivals and events that tempt more people to visit the city. Another great time to visit is September and October. These months have great events as well. For example, the Bratislava Music Festivities series really gets rolling during these months. This musical celebration highlights the best of the best from Beethoven to classic and new jazz. Different philharmonic groups travel from all over even the U.S. to perform at these series. Another great aspect about this time of year is the celebration of the wine season. Many wineries open for tours and toast to the new wines.

Winter gets a fair amount of snow and thus has cold temperatures but, the temperatures do average out above freezing. A thick jacket and warm scarf should be plenty to keep you toasty and a glass of hot wine will help as well. December is a great time to visit as you can experience the Christmas markets, which are an important tradition of this region. Also, New Year's is always celebrated with a party on the main square.

The low season for a visit is the first quarter of the year (January - March), when weather limits outdoor activities and not many public events take place. With the onset of spring and rising temperatures the city quickly comes back to life.