European universal emergency number 112 can be used for emergency calls (police, ambulance, fire service).The number can be called free of charge from any phone (even a mobile phone without SIM card). The call will be answered by the operator who will determine which service is needed. 


There are also individual numbers for each of these services: 


  • Ambulance 155
  • Fire service 150
  • Police 158


In many cities, number 159 will connect you to municipal police.

If your car disappeared, call 159 to check if it wasn't towed away by the municipal police.


If your mobile phone does not accept these numbers, try to put either +421 or +4212 (00421 or 004212)  prefixes before the actual number.

Emergency rooms:

There are several large hospital/policlinic facilities in Bratislava, belonging to University Hospital Bratislava.

During working hours (working days 7am - 7pm), emergencies are handled by "centralny prijem" (central admissions) at any hospital;

ER for adults are:

Hospital Ruzinov, Ruzinovska 10 (non-stop operation, 24h/day)

LSPP Strecnianska 13 - operates  from 19:00 (7pm) till 7am on working days and whole day during weekends and holidays

ER for infants:

Detska fakultna nemocnica s poliklinikou, Limbova 1

Emergency dentist: Drienova 38


Police departments in the central part of Bratislava:


Police District Dept. Staré Mesto (Old Town) - east

Sasinkova ulica 23

Police District Dept. Staré Mesto (Old Town) - west

Lermontovova ulica 1

Police District Dept. Staré Mesto (Old Town) - center

Štúrova ulica 15