It's called OBCHOD V MUZEU and it is very interesting project made recently in old town Bratislava. It's a store with traditional Slovak handicraft products and foods from small local producers furnished, thanks to the Museum of Trade, as an authentic shop from the beginning 20th century.

store part 

Store include exposition of Museum of trade which since 1984 collects, preserves and exhibits objects and documents depicting the history of trade and catering in this European region.

In store you can see historical cash registers, bottle of Coca Cola produced in 30s in Bratislava, old wooden ice-cream fridge used in the streets of old Bratislava, original packaging or collection of historical advertisements from first half of the 20th century. Entrance is FREE.


The atmosphere is enhanced by a real shop with original interior, where you can buy in good old fashion some of the traditional local products.


Project is made by two local friends in cooperation with the City of Bratislava and the Museum of trade.