One of the most popular Budapest nightlife activities for visitors is hanging out in ruin pubs, dancing at large clubs, smaller "gardens".

If you are interested going on your own way, here are some of the most popular clubbing activities:

  • Morrison's 2 - popular dance club in downtown Budapest with full house parties every day, five dance floors, five music styles and daily drink promotions
  • 5 large outdoor clubs on Obuda Island in the Danube, some off city center, e.g. Up! The Club
  • Szechenyi and Lukacs Bath pool parties
  • Ötkert - a near Basilica club with program every weekend. 
  • Corvintető - atop the old Corvin department store on Blaha Lujza tér.
  • Akvarium Club - at Deák Square, definitely worth checking out for younger crowd.
Visitors more interested in getting out on the town and doing some drinking and dancing have a range of options.  Budapest offers a variety of trendy dance clubs, hole-in-the-wall bars and gay and lesbian venues to meet the nightlife interests of its range of visitors. 

Indoor venues tend to become ghost towns during the summer months, as everyone flocks to the outdoor venues listed above. There are some exceptions, like Otkert (which now is the end of the Party Ship), but it's much better to go outdoors.

Some of the popular choices include:

  • The best favorite nightclub is Fat Mo's. Located on Nyáry Pál utca, the Pest side Erszebet híd. Fat Mo’s is a busy nightclub with a jazz twist and is a favorite among tourists ( Be careful with the bartenders, sometimes, they can get greedy on tips.
  • There are a number of good places to dance near Blaha Lujza tér, such as Alcatraz and Old Man's Music Pub or the previously mentioned Corvin Tető, with awesome breakbeat and dnb music. 
  • Other party option is the Party Ship on every Friday and Saturday. The cruise is 1,5 hour long and the panorama is amazing (Parliament, Royal Castle,Chain Bridge, Citadell...). At arriving guests get a welcome drink, a shot of Jager or glass of champagne (it is included in the price - 14 EUR), you can also book this tour with beverage package for plus 5000 HUF (with this you will save money,)
  • Another high-density fun area is the triangle bounded by Andrassy ut, Bajcsi Zsilinski ut, and Terez Korut - essentially centered around the Opera. There are many great bars and clubs of every stripe, including Morrison's, Ballet cipo, Aloe, Crazy Cafe and Soho London.
  • For good karaoke, try Crazy Café (Jókai utca) or Morrison's 2 (Jaszai Mari Square)
  • The Caledonian is a Scottish theme pub, just off Oktagon. Replete with English & Scottish Premier League football on large screens, the atmosphere is often lively. A favoured haunt of North American & British ex-pats.
  • Other popular ex-pat hangouts, such as Irish Cat or Iguana, can often be overrun with stag parties during summer months.
  • A38 ( is a trendy dance club located on an old ship which is docked at the Petöfi híd.  During the summer, there is an open outdoor patio where dancers can cool off with the breeze coming off the water. 
  • Located on Kazínczy utca in District VII, Angel is a bar and dance club which was originally established as a gay bar, and is known for its transvestite performance show, but which is host to a diverse patronage. It is open Friday from 10pm for mixed parties and Saturday from 10pm for gay men only.
  • Cotton Club Kévézo, on Jókai utca, puts on an old style cabaret (not drag) show with singing, dancing and a fire eater.  The cost of admission is included on your drink bill at the end of the evening (inspect your bill carefully).

Night bus services are available throughout Budapest, but if you need to take a taxi, you should call ahead.  Those picked up on the street cost significantly more, though you can often negotiate a set price before you begin your trip.

A minimum consumption charge may apply at your venue of choice, in addition to your admission fee. This is usually of 1000 - 1500 HUF (two drinks, roughly).

Visitors who are seeking more updated information about the latest clubs and bars in Budapest should pick up the Pesti Est Visitor’s Guide (from any tourist office or newspaper stand, free). The Budapest Funzine (available at Ferihegy airport, free) is also a monthly wealth of concerts, events and things to do.

Caution: Vistiors should be cautious in visiting strip bars and clubs, particularly if traveling in a large group such as a stag party. These groups are often the targets of scams and price gouging that may include physical coercion. Working with a tour group organizer who specializes in stag or hen parties can help avoid this situation. Stag parties that behave rudely, loud and are not welcome and rarely tolerated by clubs and locals.