Following is some information for people who have never before traveled to Ljubljana or Slovenia.

Time Zone: Ljubljana is on “ Central European” time. This is Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour.

Language: The most common language spoken in Ljubljana is Slovenian – which is the official language of the country. However, many locals speak a second language which is usually either German, Italian or English.

Food and Water: Visitors to Ljubljana do not have to worry about drinking the tap water here. It’s safe and should not cause any problems to visitors.

Electricity: Slovenia uses German-style two-pronged electrical plugs. 

Money: Slovenia was one of the first of the new EU states to adopt the Euro, which makes life easier for everybody.

Mailing Postcards: Want to mail postcards or letters to friends back home? The post offices in Ljubljana are open long hours during the week – usually from about eight in the morning until six in the evening. They’re also open for a few hours on Saturday mornings.

Emergencies: From any local telephone in Ljubljana, the police can be summoned by calling, “113.” The number to call an ambulance or fire rescue is, “112.”

Phone Calls: One of the cheapest ways to make a phone call from Ljubljana to someone back home is to purchase a pre-paid phone card. These can be purchased at the local post office or from some stores around town. Prepaid cards are a must for using payphones on the street – no coins accepted!

Attractions:  A visit to the Postojna Caves should be top of your list.