Lake Bled is a glacier lake in Slovenia.


It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia and has attracted visitors for decades. It is also a meeting venue for important political events and even the ex Yugoslavian dictator, Tito had a summer residence in Bled.  Bled and its surroundings have unbelievable nature and rich history.

Nature beauties, like the pure water, island in the middle, the castle on a big rock just by the shore,Vintgar Gorge, Triglav natural park, lake Bohinj and others may leave you breathless. Also the history is interesting, with the massive castle and the romantic church on the island, providing information and views into the past.Visitors can go on a nice walk around the lake and on the nearby hills. In the summer visitors can also bathe in the lake to refresh themselves.

Bled is interesting even in the winter, because of the nearby ski slopes, nice bars,hiking paths and ski-running paths. Bled was known for health tourism in the past, because bathing in the lake was believed to cure many diseases and problems. The man responsible for that was Arnold Rikli, who was the main reason for a tourist boom over 200 years ago.

The traditional way to explore the island is with the Pletna boat, which will cost you about 10-15€. You can alsovrent a boat and paddle there yourself or even swim to the island in the summer.Bled lake is also appropriate for scuba diving and fishing, because it has very big fishes to catch or see. Often people come to Bled to get married. Weddings are mostly held on two different locations- on the island or on the bled castle.

It doesn’t matter what is the nature of your visit, Bled will leave you breathless either way.